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Family Support :: High School Transition Services

Navigating the transition process from high school to adult life is a journey and adventure for all students and their families. Early transition planning gives students and their families the chance to explore different dreams, interests, and visions on their path to future success.

Our goal is to help students achieve their goals. As your Family Support Service Coordinators, we would like to assist your family to outline the necessary steps to begin their adult journey. We will work with you to accomplish your young adult's future dreams.

Transition is a growing period for all involved. Watching a young person try different paths is both exciting and challenging. Trusting the community, relying on others, and believing in the adult system are big steps, for students and parents alike. Transition planning can be a nice way to slowly move towards these new partnerships.

As your young adult begins their future journey, Gateways Community Services hopes to be invited to participate in this time of growth. During this journey, you will receive "Transitioning Together" mailings. The tips and information in these mailings will give your family the power to choose paths that will help reach your young adult's vision.

Please contact your Family Support Service Coordinator if you would like to talk about your young adult's transition to adult life.

Important Transition Documents

Guardianship Guide (PDF)
High School Transition Planning Checklist (PDF)
Medicaid Guide (PDF)
Projected Service Needs List Guide (PDF)

Social Security Guide (PDF)

For more information, please contact Gateways Community Services.

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