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Gateways Completes Successful Redesignation

Gateways Completes Successful Redesignation

Gateways recently received a letter from Commissioner Jeffrey Meyers in which he commended the agency for for its cooperation in this important process. He continued, "It is my pleasure to inform you that Gateways Community Services has been redesignated for the period of September 2016 through September 2020. The Department recognizes your agency's efforts on behalf of persons with developmental disabilities, acquired brain disorders and their families. We are pleased that you are a part of the New Hampshire service delivery system."

Redesignation is a part of the Quality Assurance Process, as described below:

The Quality Assurance Process

Adult Outcomes Surveys

  • Beginning in 1996, the State DDS Agency, in close collaboration with each of the Area Agencies, has conducted comprehensive individual interviews to gather information related to the following domains:
    • Individual Choice and Control
    • Health and Safety
    • Community Participation
    • Personal Growth and Accomplishments
    • Relationships
    • Satisfaction
    • Respect and Dignity
  • Approximately 10% of all adults receiving Developmental Disability waiver services, their guardians, families or other significant individuals, are interviewed each year to determine: Level of satisfaction, Local trends and Statewide trends
  • Individual reports are provided to each person’s team.
  • Detailed, regionally specific reports are compiled and shared with each Area Agency’s staff, Board of Directors and Family Support Council.
  • A comprehensive statewide report is forwarded to the CMS/HCFA Region One Office.

Area Agency Redesignation Process

On a rotating four-year schedule, each Area Agency must apply and go through the Redesignation Process in order to be designated as the regional entity eligible to contract with the State DDS agency to provide supports and services to individuals with disabilities in their geographical region in accordance with RSA 171 A:2 and state rule He-M 505.

A team from the State’s Division of Developmental Services:

  • Reviews the Area Agency’s policies and practices for compliance with federal and state regulations; and
  • Assesses the agency’s financial practices and quality of service provision.

Information is gathered from multiple sources:

  • Record reviews at the Area Agency and DDS
  • Interviews with staff, Board of Directors, Family Support Council, Self-Advocacy groups, and sub-contracting agencies
  • Forums are held with consumers and family members
  • Surveys of consumers, family members, and collaborating agencies

Comprehensive reports are produced which identify positive practices and make recommendations regarding continuous quality improvement which agencies routinely incorporate into their biennial plans.

  • An Area Agency may be redesignated, conditionally redesignated, or denied redesignation.

Area Agency Successful Outcomes

  • The area agency, through multiple means, demonstrates its commitment to individual rights and safeguards.
  • There is a high level of consumer involvement in all aspects of systemplanning, design and development.
  • Supports and services are flexible and represent the needs, preferences and capacities of individuals and families.
  • The area agency demonstrates through its coordination of services and supports a commitment to a mission which embraces community membership for persons with developmental services.
  • The area agency engages in ongoing inquiry regarding consumer satisfaction.
  • Recipients of services and supports are satisfied.
  • The area agency seeks to achieve continuous quality improvement in its operations and services.
  • The area agency promotes preventative services and supports which reduce the need or intensity of long-term care.
  • The area agency board of directors demonstrates effective governance of the agency management and functions.
  • The area agency is fiscally sound and manages resources effectively to support its mission.
  • The area agency complies with state and federal requirements.

The letter from Commissioner Jeffrey Meyers is available in PDF format here.