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Family Support

Family Support Phone Directory: Click Here

Nzenalu Obinelo, Vice President of Children and Family Services459-2749
Mindy Pond, Director of Family and In Home Support Services459-2745
Samantha Quick, Family Support Service Coordinator459-2709
Petra Bechtler, In Home Support Service Coordinator816-0305
Elizabeth Eckley, In Home Supports Service Coordinator459-2737
Monica Clark, Operations Assistant to Family Support459-2758
All these numbers are reached at the area code (603).

The Family Support team works collaboratively with all of our families to empower them to lead meaningful, independent lives and participate in their communities in the ways they choose.

We do this by working directly and in partnership with other agencies in the community to provide opportunities, education, information and other resources. We are committed and dedicated to providing quality, innovative and personalized supports to families.

If you have a developmentally disabled family member who is eligible for Gateways Community Services services, and that family member lives at home, the individual and their family are eligible for Family Support services.

Family Support Services

Respite Care
A break for caregivers, and a special outing for the individual.

Environmental Modifications
Modifications to homes and vehicles.

A special night away for caregivers.

Information on camps that support individuals with disabilities.

High School Transition Services
Working with families and students to transition from high school to adult life.

Family Support Advisory Council
A council of family members who provide guidance to the Family Support department.

Discretionary Funds
Family Support Advisory Council funds available by application.

Frequently Asked Questions