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Service Eligibility

A child birth to three may be eligible for Early Supports & Services if he/she has at least a 33% delay in one or more developmental areas, or an established condition with a diagnosis of a physical or mental condition that would impact the child's development. A child may also be eligible because of risk factors of parents as well as the child's.

Towns served by Region 6 include Amherst, Brookline, Hollis, Hudson, Litchfield, Mason, Merrimack, Milford, Mont Vernon, Nashua and Wilton

0 to 3 Years Old
An evaluation process through play, involving the family and a team of professionals, determines eligibility. Your team may include professionals in the fields of physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, educator, behavioralist, social worker and other consultative services.

After a child is determined eligible, specific goals are identified by the professional team/family/guardian, to address the developmental concerns. This is done through an Individualized Family Support Plan (IFSP).

3 Years and Older
At age 3, the criteria of eligibility for services through Gateways Community Services are defined by State Law RSA 171-A. Federal and State Standards require that an application be:

Contact the Intake Specialist at Gateways Community Services to request application forms. In addition to the application, the standards require the applicant to provide documentation of a developmental disability which may include:
  • current medical information
  • cognitive/functional reports
  • school records
  • vocational information
  • hospital or institutional records
  • other information relative to the disability
Eligibility must be determined within 21 days of the date of application with an extension to 35 days with written permission from the applicant. If sufficient documentation is not available within the timeframe, the applicant must be determined ineligible. Applicants determined ineligible for any reason have a right to appeal and are provided with information about the appeal process at the time of the decision. For children under age 22, we may determine conditional eligibility when the documentation does not indicate if the condition will continue to present a severe impairment indefinitely. Eligibility for children who are conditionally eligible may be reviewed at age 7, 10, or one year prior to high school completion OR at any time new information is available.

Eligibility for Gateways Community Services services is reciprocal state-wide. Eligible individuals who plan to move to another region should contact Gateways Community Services where they currently receive services to request that records be transferred to the new region.

A variety of services are available for school age children, transitional students (age 14 through high school) and adults. Adults in need of services for which funding is not available are placed on a waiting list.